Sermons on “Hope”

The Triumphal Entry

Dr. Jonathan Sloan gives a message of Hope in times where we feel like things just aren’t how they should be. Based Matthew 21:1-11

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Opposite of …

Dr. Jonathan Sloan gives a message about hope even when things feel hopeless and how we can be the ones to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ using creative ways. Based Ezekiel 37:1-14, John 11:32-44

Check the bulletin below the video for a link to the virtual choir video on YouTube (in the audio sermon it has been cut short)

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Hope Realized

Dr. Jonathan Sloan gives a message about how our faith produces a hope that endures despite the brokenness and in-completion. Based on Romans 5:1-5

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One Silent Night

The Chancel Choir and local area musicians perform, Pepper Choplin’s One Silent Night: A Christmas Ballad of Love and Joy

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The Gift of Hope

Based on Matthew 12:15-21, Dr. Jonathan Sloan gives a sermon about the gift of hope.

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