One Silent Night

The Chancel Choir and local area musicians perform, Pepper Choplin’s One Silent Night: A Christmas Ballad of Love and Joy

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*Call to Worship
One long journey for an expectant mother.
Following the road chosen for her!
One silent night turning into one life-changing event.
Jesus, born in a stable, pauper of earth, King of salvation!
One precious gift, given to all for guidance as we journey and to provide us with peace in the midst of the clamor of life.
Let us worship God!

*Prayer of Confession
Almighty God, You changed the world with with one silent night. Your angels could not hold back the excitement; the shepherds could not wait to see the newborn King; those from the east could not delay their visit. We know the story, we see the miracle, we recognize the significance, we should not be silent, yet we are. Help us to loudly and boldly retell the glory of that night…

*Assurance of Pardon
Our Savior was born one silent night, died one dark day and rose one glorious morning, silently taking our sins and loudly pronouncing them forgiven!
Thanks be to God!

Pepper Choplin’s One Silent Night: A Christmas Ballad of Love and Joy

1. My Spirit Waits for Emmanuel
2. The Call
3. Welcome Christ the King
4. The Trip to Bethlehem
5. God So Loved This Silent Night
6. The Angels and Shepherds
7. Glory to God in the Highest Heaven
8. The Wise Men in Jerusalem
9. When They Saw the Star
10. The Wise Men Worship
11. Behold the Child
12. Joy to the World!