Midweek @ Midtown

Midweek @ Midtown (on Wednesdays) offers two one-hour Bible classes; one before dinner at 4:30 pm and the other at 6:20 pm.  The classes are different.  The two classes are separated by dinner.  Please call the church office by Tuesday afternoon to make a reservation for your meal on Wednesday.  Come for a part of the evening or the entire evening.  We have something for you!


Midweek @ Midtown

Join us for Wednesday night dinner at  Midweek @ Midtown!    Dinner will be served from 5:45pm-6:15pm.  After dinner, at 6:20, our children, youth and adult Bible programs begin.A few changes to our Wednesday night line-up this year.   We are asking for reservations for dinner.  If you are planning to join us please RSVP by signing up on the bulletin board on Sunday morning or calling the church office by Tuesday afternoon.  This will help us to be better stewards of our resources as we prepare and serve meals.

Midweek @ Midtown 

4:30 pm Bible Study 

Join us Wednesday afternoons in Jenk’s lounge for an 8-week Bible study on The Prophets. 

Through this year we will go Deeper into the Bible during this weekly Bible Study. We will continue with Part 2: The Prophets. Here we will learn about God’s messengers and hear them proclaim their message of hope and truth by reading the Hebrew prophets in historical order. The Prophets uses Scripture from the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version in a fresh yet ancient presentation of Scripture. 

Bible study begins Wednesday, January 9 @ 4:30pm in Jenk’s Lounge. 

6:30 pm  Bible Study

Did you know the Presbyterian Church (USA) has a Book of Confessions? Inside this book are twelve historic statements, or creeds, that proclaim what we believe. Why do we have them? Do we still need them? What does it mean when we “confess,” or profess, our faith publicly? These are the questions we will explore together 

Beginning January 9, 2019, @ 6:30 we will begin an 8-week study: We Believe: A Look at the Creeds. Join us as we explore these foundational statements of faith.