Stephen Ministry

What is a Stephen Minister?  A Stephen Minister is a Christian layperson who is trained to be a caregiver for a person going through a difficult time in her/his life.  A Stephen Minister is a person with a compassionate heart who has been equipped with the skills to listen, encourage, and offer support and prayers when someone is in need.  A Stephen Minister can be that help for you or someone you love in a confidential manner and in a non-judgmental way.  Referrals can come from a concerned friend, family member, clergy.

In what kind of circumstances might one need a Stephen Minister?  A Stephen Minister would provide one-to-one Christ-centered care to hurting people who might be experiencing grief, divorce, cancer, hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, chronic illness, job loss, loneliness, spiritual crisis, or other life struggles.

If you have a need, contact Rev. Jennifer Blake at or Dr. Jonathan Sloan at  They can also be reached by phone, (402) 345-5383.   The contact and ministry are totally confidential.

The Stephen Ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Omaha is affiliated with Stephen Ministry of St. Louis, MO.


June Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a lay caring ministry that provides high-quality, confidential, Christ -centered care to people who are hurting. Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training as well as ongoing continuing education and supervision from trained Stephen Leaders.

Stephen Ministers are here to help during time crisis such as death of a loved one, loss of a job and separation or divorce. Other stress filled times can include birth of a baby, moving to new community or graduation of a child.

A new Stephen Ministry training class will begin this fall.

Please contact Dr. Blake or Leanne Johnson if you feel you, or someone you know would benefit from this ministry. Also consider if you feel called to train as a Stephen Minister.

Blessings,  Leanne Johnson