Food PantryHand Up Food Pantry

The Pantry appreciates receiving jelly and jam for the children’s cupboard, which is a special kid-only area with kid-friendly and favorite foods.

We continue to need toilet paper, plastic bags, egg cartons and would appreciate dish soap as well.

                                      Thanks for your continued support!


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s InterfaithCoalition, of which First Presbyterian Church is a part, has started work on our new house for this year.

The address is 3936 N. 21st St, and we are actively seeking volunteers to help us out. No experience is necessary, you learn by doing, and if you have just part of the day free on any Satursday through the first part of December, come help us out! YOU can work half a day, or a full day. For more information, go to or contact Paul Jelinek at 402 960-8901.


    Kellom Elementary

Our Mission Ministry continues to support Kellom Elementary School fulfilling needs for the students and the teachers.  In 2017 we donated 50 backpacks for students and we also provided dinner for the teachers at conference time.  Both were greatly appreciated.

We have similar goals for 2018 as well, but our Mission Ministry is in contact with their principal for any other needs.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we can help the youngsters as well as the teachers who help the youngsters all day long.



Adopt-A-Park Turner Park

“And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” -Jeremiah 29:7 NLT

For a little over a year, a small part of FPC’s communtiy outreach, our work for the peace and prosperity of our city, has been to pick up litter in Turner Park once a month. We have plenty of trash bags. We have more than enough gloves. We even have several “EZ Reacher” devices for picking things up without bending down. What we have only in a limited supply, like five loaves and two fishes, are the many hands that make light work. Not that the work is heavy, but every pair of feet covering ground makes our clean up that much more thorough in the time we have. Since it’s summer, and the afternoons are hot, we intend to get started at nine o’clock and will have to knock off in time to get to the service at 10:30 We know that picking up litter isn’t exactly a walk in the park–no, wait, it is.


Miraj, Maharashtra, India

First Presbyterian Church has a long history of supporting mission, not only in our church and community, but also around the world.

One of the missions our church supports is located in Miraj, Maharashtra, India. Wanless Hospital, Miraj (pronounced “meer-udge”) Medical Centre is sort of a “mecca” to the people of South Central India for medical care. It is located approximately 300 miles south of Mumbai and is the only such medical center for approximately 15 million people within a radius of approximately 150 miles.

The Wanless Hospital had its beginning as a small dispensary started in 1890 by Dr. William Wanless, pioneer Presbyterian medical missionary. The first of the present buildings was opened in 1894. The Miraj Medical Center has a unique agreement with the State Government as a private Christian teaching hospital attached to a government medical college. In addition, it maintains an accredited College of Nursing as well as other diploma courses such as x-ray, laboratory, etc. and has a strong association with Richardson Leprosy Hospital. In addition to caring for patients in hospital, the medical center has a strong tie with the very active Department of Community Health, going to surrounding villages for teaching, immunizations of children and preventative and basic health services to the communities.

As an aside, Susan B. served as a Volunteer in Mission at this medical center in 1983. She spent most of her time going to the villages doing immunizations, and teaching. She was supported not only by First Presbyterian Church, but by the Missouri River Valley Presbytery.

Schuyler Vacation Bible School

This mission project began in 1998 as several church- es got together and traveled to Schuyler, Nebraska to host a VBS for the children of Schuyler.

First Presbyterian Church joined this ongoing project in 2009. Our goal in hosting VBS is to simply share the Good New of Jesus Christ with the children of Schuyler. Over the years we have developed great relationships with these young people and for some it is the highlight of their summer.

Last summer we hosted a one day event in the middle of the week for over 75 children. This summer our plans are underway to once again share the good news of Jesus with the children of Schuyler but we need your help. Please consider a way in which you can help us continue this ministry – whether it be by volunteering to go with us, prepping crafts, shopping for supplies, or simply praying for this mission project!

It is an amazing ministry that we have been able to offer to the Schuyler community and the impact that we are able to have on over 100 children and their families is incredible.

May Mission Focus:  The Little Free Pantry

Last year, a couple named Vicki and Steve Holcomb were instrumental in bringing a concept called The Little Free Pantry (LFP) to Omaha. The LFP was an idea created back in 2016 in Fayetteville AR to support those with food shortages. According to statistics, approximate 75,450 individuals living in Douglas County suffer with food shortage, or 14.2 % of the general population. Sadly, many of those affected are children.

Steve and Vicki saw the need, are decided to do something about it. They worked tirelessly and began to build little shelters in their garage in preparation for sharing them about Omaha. Another friend, Amy Cerra, an Omaha school teacher and artist, helped to paint the food shelters and add some creativity to them. Currently there are 15 locations around Omaha, most at private residences and 2 at churches.

I knew Steve and Vicki from our work with Habitat International’s Global Village program. I was impressed with their drive and determination to make a difference, so I invited Vicki to share her story at one of our Mariners program. Many at the presentation were inspired, and thought that this would be a worthwhile mission to pursue. With that in mind, I then presented a request to our Mission committee to help with this concept and am pleased to announce that we have agreed to help financially and also with help delivering food items to these shelters. Our food pantry has also agreed to help in this effort. They are always looking for volunteers to help stock the pantries, and can always use financial donations. These pantries have proven very successful for families who cannot reach our Church food pantry.

The locations can be found on the website, and also on their Facebook page “ Little Free Pantry of Omaha.”

For further information, please contact Paul Jelinek at 402-960-8901.