Hand Up for Housing Mission

Walk-A-Thon 2021

Many thanks to all the participants in the Hand Up for Housing mission. Hand Up for Housing raised more than $15,000 in 2021! Through matching funds, the three participating agencies each received $10,000 to help provide housing assistance to local youth and families. The Central Mission fund also provided each agency an additional $10,000 in support of the Hand Up for Housing mission. Therefore, through Hand Up for Housing fundraising efforts and that of The Central Mission Fund, each agency received $20,000.
What a difference this can make in the lives of our neighbors!
Hand Up for Housing thanks KIOS and WOWT for their interest in the walk and broadcasts in 2021 informing the public about the opportunity to assist in its mission. For recordings, click to hear coverage on KIOS’s Live and Local as well as WOWT’s evening news.

Get ready for Walk-A-Thon 2022!

Affordable and safe housing remains an issue for many of our Omaha neighbors. We all can help! Take part in the second annual Hand Up for Housing Walk-A-Thon: walk, support a walker, or donate.

The goal is to raise at least as much as last year for three local nonprofit agencies: inCOMMON, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and Youth Emergency Services.

100% of the money raised goes to these agencies, which have expertise in building communities and supporting those in need of shelter.

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Need to know

Date: October 9, 2022
Location: First Presbyterian Church – Omaha (216 South 34th Street)
Route: 1.26 miles through Dewey Park and Blackstone neighborhoods
Time: Registration begins at 12:30 p.m. The walk kicks off at 1:30 p.m. Celebrate completion of the walk at a block party on 34th Street.

Did you know …

Housing facts in Omaha

  • One in 5 households make less than $25,000 per year
  • 50% of local renters spend more than 1/3 of their income on housing
  • The average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment is $665 per month. A renter needs to hold a full time $14 an hour job to pay rental costs
  • A residence is considered overcrowded if there is more than one person per room in the home
  • Approximately 2,000 individuals find themselves homeless every night

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