New Life

I love Spring, for a variety of reasons.  Even though I love the snow of winter, I am always very happy as it comes to an end, and spring, new life, abounds.

  • I love being able to go outside without a coat and enjoy the clean air
  • I love watching the bright skies show up
  • I love watching the winter melt away
  • I love watching the excitement in people as they find buds on trees, seeds emerging from the cold, dead, winter ground, and finally see new green grass emerging from lawns that have been brown and dry for so long

What I love most about spring, however, is the transition we see from the barren landscape we have journeyed on throughout the 40 days of Lent to the new life we find on Easter Sunday.

We have journeyed with Christ towards the Cross these past seven weeks, approaching His death.  We know His arrest is happening, We know he will betrayed, We know he will be beaten, tortured, mocked, and die.   We journey knowing this is coming, and still journey alongside Him, somberly, towards the cross.

The reward is that we see the other side of the cross as the Winter of the cross ends, and the new life/ Spring of the resurrection begins.  We recall His words of hope.  His message and command to remember his acts, to celebrate resurrection and eternal life, to extend grace, and to live into Hope.

Winter is past, Spring is here!    We have made it through the darkness of the year, through the darkness of faith, and now is the time to celebrate what God has done.

What is God doing in your life? In your faith?  In your church?  For He is doing great things!

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Pastor Jon

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