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Reformed and Always Reforming

Next month marks the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his ‘95 theses upon the door of the Wittenberg Church. This was a point in history whichbegan denominationalism and ultimately would lead to the creation of the Presbyterian Church. It is not just Lutherans who have Martin Luther to look towards in their histories, but Presbyterians as well.

Luther was not attempting to start a new movement, let alone leave the Catholic church. Rather, he was attempting to discuss serious concerns he had with pronouncements from Rome. His ultimate statement would quickly become, “If you can show me where Scripture says I am wrong, I will recant.”

In the Presbyterian Church we have a belief that we are “reformed …and always reforming.” This means that we are historically reformed, while recognizing that we must constantly be looking for ways we need to reform our current beliefs and practices. This isn’t just for the church, or denominations, but for each and every Christian as well.

We each must ask ourselves: Is my faith life all that it should be in response to a loving God who created, redeemed, and continues to sustain me? If our answer at any point is not a resounding YES, then it is time to reform.

Reform our worship

Reform our prayers

Reform our discipleship

Reform our learning about God

Reform our faith

The good news is this. We are not alone in our efforts. We have a community around us that is a part of this constant reforming of our faith. We can help each other, and God will help us as well as we seek to consistently be the people he has called us into faith to be!

In Him,

Pastor Jon

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