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Are You a Follower?

What does it mean to follow?

In modern vernacular being a follower can have a negative connotation. It implies being of the herd mentality, unable to think for yourself, unwilling to set your own direction, or being mindless.

Often we offer up another approach: you are either a Leader (GOOD!) or aFollower (BAD!). The thing is, a leader can only lead if they have followers. John Maxwell once said, “He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.”

There are times where being a follower is certainly good, even necessary:

•     If you are not the expert

•     If you are not the one in charge

•     If you have absolutely no idea where you are going, or how to get there!

In the church we have an opportunity to follow not just a great leader, but THE great leader, Jesus ChristHe is the one who is an expert in salvation, the one who is in charge, and the one who knows exactly where we can go and how to get us there. Are you a follower of the Great Leader?

This month in worship we will be focusing on following Jesus. We will be hearing about the responses of various people in the Bible had when Jesus’ called to them, and we will consider how we can apply those responses to Jesus’ call upon our own lives.

Jesus calls to each and every person here on earth. Many have chosen to respond: the disciples, His followers, those He healed, and believers of all types since His time on earth.

Still others could not give up the need to always be in charge, always in control, they cannot yield their lives to a Lord and Savior, and they sadly do not follow the great Leader. Are you willing to give up control of your life, to the one who gave you life? He has a great plan in mind for you, if you would just Follow!

In Him,

Pastor Jon

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