Pastor’s Manna – Sanctuary July 1st – Together!

Sanctuary July 1st – Together! 

Three months ago, just before Holy Week began, the beam cover fell in the sanctuary creating a need for us to vacate our regular worship space for just over 14 weeks. We certainly wouldn’t have planned to be out of the sanctuary during significant worship occurrences (like Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Baptisms, Communions, graduate recognition, disciple appreciation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a funer-al and a wedding.) What we have found out, together, is that worship occurs wherever we gather, and while it has been different for us, it has not caused major problems. 

We have found that when we are physically closer together, we feel like a community, we sound bet-ter, and we feel more worshipful. So, here is my challenge for you: Stay together. When we return to our sanctuary, July 1st, don’t spread out to where “I always sit”, rather find other people and sit with them, you will be amazed at how you will feel more worshipful just being near people! 

On July 1st when we return to worship in the sanctuary, you will see the repairs and improvements that have been made. From fresh paint, to revamped light fixtures that no longer need to warm up or cool down, an improved speaker system, a new use for the beam cover that fell, new carpeting in the balconies, choir loft modifications, as well as the repair and securing of all the wood pieces in our ceiling. (Fun Fact: we used over 18,000 screws weighing over 150 pounds!) 

Come join us as we return to our regular place of worship and rededicate ourselves to the Lord and our praise of Him. 

Join us as we praise the LORD. 

Join us as we celebrate that He is present wherever we are: 

  in our sanctuary 

                            in our fellowship hall 

                                  in our own homes 

                                      … everywhere! 

In Him, 

Pastor Jon 

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