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Being an Easter Person

As I sit down to write this newletter article, it has been a mere hour since we all gathered in celebration of the resurrection on Easter morning.  What a glorious time of worship, any time the people of God gather to proclaim the victory of Jesus Christ over the grave!

People asked me on Sunday what I thought, and I honestly said that the Easter morning service is one of my favorite services:

We have beautiful Easter lilies;

We have brass playing;

We have typically our largest gathering of worshippers on any Sunday;

We see children and adults dressed splendidly;

We sing hymns that are so well known that we can belt them out with confidence as we sing;

We worship passionately.

What’s not to love?

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is important, but the birth of Jesus is all for nothing had He not grown up, and saved us by going to the cross and conquering it!  The victory is not in the birth, but in His Death and resurrection.

I wish we celebrated this resurrection al year long.  We are an Easter people!  We live in response to the resurrection because it affects everything about our lives!

Rather than sidelining this celebration to one Sunday a year, what if we truly celebrated the resurrection every day of our life, recognizing the incredible gift we have received, and the incredible victory that’s been achieved?

What would it take for you to be an Easter person?  How might you live your life be different if every aspect of your life was lived in response to the resurrection?

In Him,

Pastor Jon





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