Pastor’s Manna – A Fresh Start

I love the message of hope that we all can find at the beginning of the New Year. Each of us can always take the time to think about the past year. We can reflect upon the successes we had,, the opportunities we missed,, the things we would do differently, and the changes we might want to make in our lives.

Each time we complete another year, we can,, and should, ask ourselves the following question:

Is there anything I want to change for the next year?

Part of the reason I like the start of the new year is serves as such a good analogy to our walk with God. At any time in our lives, because of God’s love for us, shown through Jesus Christ, we can reflect on how things have gone, listen for what God might be calling for us to change, and start fresh with God.

Just as fresh snow often covers the muddy, dirty, ground at this time of year, making everything look pure and clean, when we approach God in a spirit of confession, we appear unblemished clean in His eyes, because Jesus has taken our place for the punishment we deserve for our failures to follow God’s plan for us.

As you begin this new year, consider what you might be called to change in your life, to further your walk with God. Is He calling you to change your thoughts or actions? Unhealthy patterns of behavior? Destructive habits?

Perhaps God isn’t calling you to change from something, but to add something in your life: study time in His word? Time spent in prayer? More time in worship? Additional service to those in need?

How wonderful that we have an opportunity to change – not just at the beginning of the year, but anytime we sense ourselves falling away from God’s plan. Each and every time we approach God seeking to change, regretting our actions, seeking a new way… we are forgiven, and start over in His eyes, cleansed and pure.

In Him,

Pastor Jon

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