Pastor’s Manna – Sabbatical Time

Sabbatical Time 

As most of you know, for the later part of the summer I took a sabbatical. This Sabbatical had a specific focus of trying to renew various relational aspects of my life that I have not been able to focus on while I was serving as a pastor over the last 10 years here with you. The specific relational focuses were: 

Relationship with God 

Relationship with Family 

Relationship with Friends 

These foci were met, and after spending this time away, I am back, refreshed, renewed, and ready to serve you as pastor with energy, confidence, and joy. My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to the staff, Session, and all of you who helped to make this happen. I know that a Sabbatical is not something everyone has the capability of doing, and I am so grateful that you were willing to make this a part of pastoral calls here at First Presbyterian Church. 

You know, we so often feel determined to go-go-go and work hard throughout our life…yet even God rested on the seventh day of creation. He did this to set an example to His people: 

we need rest 

we need rejuvenation 

we need reconnection 

On that note, however, I want to encourage each of you to seek ways that you can take time to focus on your relationship with God. As I drove and stayed places, I encountered people from all walks of life who were also on sabbatical. From workers in the tech field, to small business owners, to professors and pastors, more and more people are recognizing the need to step back, reassess their life, and renew their energy, joy, and faith. 

While you may not be able to pick up and go like I did, I would bet you could rearrange your day a bit to take time, each day to spend time with God, to reflect on who you are, and who God might be calling you to become. 

I hope you will try taking this time. I would love to help you with resources that would help guide you through some focused time on your faith. 

In Him, 

Pastor Jon


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