The Gifts of Christmas

The Gifts of Christmas

For many in the world, Christmas is all about the gifts. We are excited to get gifts from friends and loved ones, and we are often just as excited to watch them open the gifts we got especially for them. Christmas however, is about more than physical gifts. Christmas is really about an eternal gift that humanity received from God.

At each of our services throughout Advent and on Christmas day, we will be celebrate the various gifts of Christmas for God’s people:

The Gift of Joy

The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Peace

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Light

The Gift of Life

Christmas is a time when we experience the joy, hope, peace, love, light and life that come to us through the birth of Jesus Christ. In our worship services this season, we will focus on each of these themes. I hope you will join us as we explore each of these gifts from God, given to His people through the birth of Christ.

Challenge yourself this Advent season and look for these gifts of God present in the world, and present in your life. Where do you see Joy? Hope? Peace? Love? Light? Life? These are all wonderful gifts from God, but sometime they are not visible until we look for them and look for Him working in our lives.

In Him,

Pastor Jon

P.S. First Presbyterian Church of Omaha has a gift for you as well. Our 2016 Advent devotional, written by Church members and pastors, is available now. If you have not received yours, please call the church office and let us know. This is a great way to focus yourself, on the advent season, and what the season means to you as a Christian.

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