Adult Discipleship – Easter Togetherness

Easter Togetherness

I love Easter time! The bright colors of spring as the flowers bloom and the trees begin to bud, The sound of birds chirping and squirrels squeaking. There is something special about the signs of new life that surround us as we prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter. It is a wonderful reminder that the dark day of Good Friday like the dark days of winter are necessary for the beauty of the Resurrection and the glories of Spring.

But Easter is also a great starting point for a new beginning, a chance to experience something different. As the weather warms up it is the perfect time to seek ways to be Together as a church family. So here is a reminder about a few opportunities we have to be Together this month: Grow together with Sunday morning classes for all ages every Sunday at 9am and at our Midweek @ Midtown programs; Serve together at our pantry that is always seeking volunteers; Worship together during our Holy Week services; Pray together as a part of our prayer team; and celebrate Life together at our All Church retreat. Or perhaps there is another way that God has placed on your heart to be Together with others…that is AWESOME, let’s talk!

As we celebrate Easter and the new life that comes with Spring I hope this season is also one of growth in your life. I am always amazed at how God can work in our lives and accomplish more then we could ever imagine when we live out our faith Together!


Pastor Jenni

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