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A Different Kind of Worship

During this time of this pandemic, one positive that has come from this has been a reassessment of what worship is about. We, as a society, have often fallen into the trap of thinking that worship is about US. What WE like, the hymns and style of music WE like, what WE think should be […]

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Thriving this Summer!

I do not think I am alone when I say these past two months have been hard! I have found some days I am overwhelmed with grief as I am not able to be physically with those I love and care for the way I am used to being. Other days I am filled with […]

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We Were Made to Thrive!

In September I introduced our theme for the 2019-2020 year – Thrive. Normally during late April and early May our discipleship programs are winding down…this year is a little different. As we continue to be in a waiting period for the all clear to be able to come out of our physical distancing cocoons, we […]

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Discipleship – Thrive

There is something about Fall that I love! I think it is a combination of all the things that go into the changing of the season; the cooler weather and the colors on the trees as they begin to shed their leaves.  Fall reminds me that all things have a season, even us! Sometimes we […]

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There is a song by Casting Crowns that has been playing in my mind on repeat for a while now. The words are this,  “So living water flowing through God we thirst for more of You. Fill our hearts and flood our souls with one desire. Just to know You and to make You known […]

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Adult Education – Going Deeper

I think it is safe to say that winter is over, and spring has finally sprung! The snow has melted and the signs of new life waking up from their winter’s nap are all around us. I love spring, especially after a long winter. The bright colors of spring as the flowers bloom and the […]

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Adult Education – Going DEEPER in Lent

Going DEEPER in Lent  I think of all the Seasons of the Church year, Lent is my favorite. It is a time of inward reflection, a season to take stock of one’s faith, and an opportunity for repentance and change. Over the years I have begun the practice of adding something to enhance my Lent […]

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Adult Education – Diving into 2019

A Season for Growing…  It is usually in the middle of winter, when things look the bleakest, that we can dig a little deeper and find a glimmer of new life that is just breaking through the surface. I believe it is the same with our spiritual life. As we go through the various seasons […]

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