Adult Discipleship – Together in Lent

Together in Lent

As we approach Lent, a time of reflection and repentance, I always look for something to add to my life during these 40 days. I have learned that I am not very successful in “giving something up for lent” but have found the discipline of “adding something for Lent” to be much more meaningful. Some of these additions in years past have been adding scripture reading or a devotional to my daily routine, praying at a set time twice daily, and being intentional about connecting with family and friends. These are small things that have added deeper meaning to my faith journey.

So, what about you? What can you add to your journey through Lent this year? May I make a few suggestions?

Join a small group study for Lent;

Join us for worship at Midweek @ Midtown in the Sanctuary at 6:30pm;

Read along daily in our Lent devotional, written by members and friends;

Pick up a Daily Bible reading schedule, available on the Welcome desk;

Join our prayer chain;

Ask me for more ideas…I have lots!

In this year where we are focusing on ways to be Together – Lent is the perfect time to join with others in fellowship, service, study, worship and prayer. My hope and prayer for us all this Lent is that we find someone to add being together with others into our daily routine and that togetherness deepens our faith.

Blessings, Pastor Jenni

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