Pastor’s Manna – Deeper


It seems that only yesterday summer and in the blink of an eye it is already over. School is back in session and our Fall programs here at First are about to begin. Time goes so fast! When I was a little girl summer lasted forever! I can remember spending long summer days at my Grandma’s house swimming with my cousins. Then on the weekends I would go on “Mystery Trips” with my family. 

Mystery Trips were short day excursions that my dad would plan for us. He would tell us “grab a sweatshirt” or “grab your swimsuit” and we would jump in the car ready for the day’s adventure. My favorite “Mystery Trips” were those we took to the beach, which in the summer were the most common. We would walk along the shoreline watching our footprints disappear as the waves lapped onto the sand. Sometimes my sister and I would brave the water; walking out as the tide re-ceded and running as fast as we could back in before the waves would splash against us and get us soaking wet. Then, after playing in the waves we would sit and bury our feet in the sand and just watch the waves come in and go out and wonder about what lived out in the deep of the ocean. 

Perhaps it is the pure vastness of the ocean that fascinates me, the thought of an entire ecosystem beyond the surface, deep beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. It reminds me of the mystery of God and how there is so much more to God then we can even begin to comprehend. That is why we have selected Deeper as our theme for the 2018-2019 year. 

Deeper: deeper in our faith, further into community. 

I am excited for this year and all the opportunities being presented for all of us to go Deeper 


Pastor Jenni

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