Do You Even Have a Prayer?

I can’t tell you the number of times when I go out to dinner, or am at a meeting, and am asked to pray. As a pastor, I am the go-to person, a dedicated PRAY-er. When I ask people why they ask me rather than pray themselves, often their response is that I am the expert, and they don’t feel comfortable praying.

Prayer is how we talk to God. It doesn’t take magic words, a perfect structure, or the right degree or title to pray… it just takes a willingness to talk to your creator about … anything!

Did you know that many of our biblical heroes had prayer concerns just like ours? They prayed in spirits of confession, repentance, fear, joy, hope, peace, struggle, unity, wisdom, negotiation, and all sorts of life situations not addressed by that list. The people in the Bible had the same needs and hopes that we all do, and they told God about them. We can learn a lot from those who come before us, so, this month we are beginning a new sermon series on great prayers of the Bible.

We will be looking at some of the prayers and prayer themes that occur throughout the Old and New Testaments. We will look at prayers by people like Abraham, Jacob, Hannah, David, Solomon, Jonah, Job, Jesus, and Zacharias and Elizabeth.

We will also have Bible Studies after worship looking at the same prayer topic that the sermon and worship service centered around. This will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into the Scriptures, study the passage, ask questions and discuss things with the whole group for further understanding.

Often I go to these classes on a topic I just preached about, and have a new understanding based on the discussion that had just occurred; they can be of great value in learning more and more about our faith in Jesus Christ.

So whether you are a prayer warrior, or feel like you haven’t got a prayer, this sermon and class series is perfect for you. I hope you will join us throughout the series as we seek to enhance and strengthen our prayer life.

In Him,

Pastor Jon

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