SOUPer Bowl of Caring February 11th

Are YOU up for the challenge? Again this year, our FPC youth will be asking YOU to team up with them to tackle hunger!  Sunday, February 11th, the youth will give a SOUPer Bowl of Caring Moment for Mission during worship. They will present a short skit – The SOUPer Bowl Challenge – to raise awareness regarding hunger and to ask for donations. Once again, 100% of the dollars raised will go toward the Hand Up Food Pantry. As we all know, food insecurity has been rising over the past years and the youth challenge YOU into action.

Here are ways YOU can donate: • Send a check/money to church clearly marked for “SOUPer Bowl Sunday”  •  Go to the website,, to donate digitally, • OR place your donation in the large soup pots (sponsored by the FPC Youth Group) after worship.

We recognize that hunger and poverty prevail within our own community as well as around the world, let us TEAM UP to challenge this problem together!

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